Expect the Unexpected

Hello Dear Friends,

As we began this new year, I had GREAT BIG plans. I was convinced that everything was in my control and I was going to bring you weekly blog posts that focus on Health (you'll see the irony in a moment), Opportunity, Peace, and Encouragement. How many times do we need to be reminded that WE are NOT in control? Sure...we can try, we can plan, we can have great intentions. We can schedule whatever we want in our calendars, BUT we should always EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

On January 19th, I was feeling fine. It was an average day like any other. I went to bed at 9pm and by 11:30pm I woke up feeling dizzy and nauseated. Within minutes, I was on the bedroom floor, my heart racing, the room spinning, I was vomiting and experiencing cold sweats. I also developed a fever and was short of breath. My husband called 911 and the ambulance arrived moments later to take me to the hospital. After several blood tests, an IV, and two CT scans, I was told that my white blood cell count was very high which meant there was a severe infection. We just had no idea what was causing it. I was admitted several hours later.

Each day brought more unexpected news. One of the CT scans showed a lesion on my liver, so I needed a third CT scan with contrast. The IV had to be replaced because my veins had collapsed due to dehydration. After several attempts by several nurses and a doctor, I was told I would need a PICC line. I also needed an echo-cardiogram. I also needed an MRI. It was one thing after another. More blood work, more fluids, more IV antibiotics, and still no answers. All I could do was sleep (or try to). I had ice packs behind my neck for the fever and heat packs on my arms and hands for swelling. I was uncomfortable, confused, and - quite frankly - a bit scared. This was not the way I EXPECTED to spend my days and nights.

Eventually I was moved to another unit in the hospital. Blood tests began to show improvement in the level of white blood cells. After five days, I had improved enough to be discharged and was sent home with a list of follow-up appointments that needed to be scheduled.

It took several weeks for me to regain my strength. Now here we are, almost in March, and all that I EXPECTED to accomplish with "Sharing HOPE" did not happen. I also EXPECTED to have answers as to what caused my illness. Still, no answers.

So what have I learned from all this?

Slow down

Be still



And remember...God is in control!

We are not in control. We might not understand WHY things happen or don't happen. But He does, and that's all that matters.

So, my friends, please know that I am always thinking of you and hope to continue "Sharing HOPE" as I can, but if my schedule is a bit inconsistent, remember...we should simply EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

© 2020 by Barbara Ann Gareis