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New Year's Day was a bit different for me this year. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, so I stayed in my pajamas all day. My husband turned on the television and we were intrigued by a show called Botched. Maybe you're familiar with it? If not, here's the synopsis:

We binge watched back-to-back episodes all day. Literally, for many hours we were glued to the show!

Some patients had made poor choice...

As I walk among the barren trees in November, my first thoughts are sad. The trees are brown, empty, and appear to be dead. There are no flowers, no warmth, and no fruit.  A gloomy season can be depressing. For a moment, I want to return home to hide under a big warm blanket until life is colorful again.

But the trees aren't hiding. In fact, they aren't dead either. They are in dormancy. Sure, the leaves have died off...

Are you tired of waiting for the next blog post? I know...I don't blame you. I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but I'm coming back! Lots of exciting things are in the works and I can't wait to share them with you! Here are a few things you can look forward to by the end of the year:

A new blog post, and weekly posts thereafter

A refreshed website

A sneak peek at a new book in the works!

Presentation opportunities (women's programs a...

Hello Dear Friends,

As we began this new year, I had GREAT BIG plans. I was convinced that everything was in my control and I was going to bring you weekly blog posts that focus on Health (you'll see the irony in a moment), Opportunity, Peace, and Encouragement. How many times do we need to be reminded that WE are NOT in control? Sure...we can try, we can plan, we can have great intentions. We can schedule whatever we want in o...

Chances are you know someone in need - a nursing home resident, a disabled neighbor, an orphaned child, or a friend who is grieving the loss of her husband. You probably even know someone who's lost a child. What are you doing to help her? You're praying? That's a good thing. But that's not the only thing we can or should do for those in need.

Put your faith into action. You might be thinking, "I can't do anything tangible; I d...

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