About Me

If you ever ran away, used drugs or alcohol to escape, grieved a tragic loss, or contemplated why you exist, then we have something in common.


I used to wonder why my life was so turbulent until I realized that the tragedies, losses, and regrets I had were so that I could empathize with you! I can relate to what you're going through, at least in a general sense. I know what it's like to deal with loss, illness, unemployment, bankruptcy, broken relationships, and other adversities.


So I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. More important, there is hope. Each day, you are given a new chance. A chance to try again, to get it right. To love more abundantly. And to find your purpose. Here are four books that might help you!

With Love,

You might want to visit Bruiser's site as well. This is him thinking, Is she ever going to stop taking my picture? Nope. You're just too cute, Bruiser!

Barbara offers children's programs where she speaks to children and their families about the importance of having compassion for animals and for each other. Bruiser joins Barbara for these programs so kids can meet him and learn about what makes him (and them) so special.

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